In the Clearing

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Tracy Crosswhite is a wonderful series of novels by the NY Times best-selling Author Robert Dugoni who has given the best thrillers and suspense novels for those love.

The voice of Emily Sutton-Smith gives perfect thrilling impact for the listeners as she also has given the perfect narration for the books Her Final Breath and My Sister’s Grave. You will find anger, fear, suspense emotions, and determination as you keep listening to the story.

In the clearing’ is the book 3 in this series continuing to build up the suspense as Crosswhite finds more about the murderers around her.

The homicide detective Crosswhite dedicates her life to solving unsolved crimes and cases where no one has dug into the details. She is now determined to know the facts behind murdered which have never been known in the right way.

As she dedicates her life to find justice for those who never got real justice and the victims of crimes whose stories have remained untouched.

This story turns about when Tracy is contacted by her classmates of Police school and they   are now up for solving a cold case of a Girls who was murdered 40 years ago.

They re going to base their research on the facts and figures collected by Jenny’s father. After tapping into a few small details, a huge dark area of investigation emerges to haunt these detectives.

Now, it’s a test for Tracy whether she will be able to behold the case and continues finding out what is hidden or her nerves would not allow her to keep digging into such darkest areas in a community.  Because she could be the next victim too.

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