In the Heart of the Fire

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In the heart of the Fire is a fictional short story/ anthology. It is a product of author Dean Koontz and deserves all the appreciation for her work here. The narration of this 90 minutes book is given by Edoardo Ballerini, which is very much a job well done by the narrator. The book is the first chapter of series with the title, Nameless.

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In this book, you will listen about a bloodthirsty sheriff who goes on to terrorize people in a very small town of Texas, where justice got buried along with all his victims. By the time Nameless arrived, things started to change. Nameless was a person with a very mysterious past and his future is all written in blood.

Anyone who only dares to cross Sheriff Russell is at best dead, or at worst goes missing or warned at least. One among all those was a single mother, who was desperately trying to protect her kid, but also bracing the worst for herself. Nameless on the other end ears the outcome. He has actually seen all this in his visions.

Now, it is the right time for him to teach Sheriff Russell Soakes a lesson of his life in fear. But in the act of turning all the predators into prey, Nameless disinter some of the secrets of his own. Or has he? This is where some real twists comes that makes the story even more interesting for the readers that reaches conclusion much soon.

A couple of other set of short stories and anthologies written by Dean Koontz that are worth listening are: Photographing the Dead and The Praying Mantis Bride.


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    Photographing the Dead


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