Incubus Dreams

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Anita is becoming stronger in every part but those powers at the same time are making her morally weak. At one moment she thinks that she has not remained loyal to the human world and the next moment she tries to remain loyal to her lovers.

The twin relationship has affected her both physically and mentally. In an emotionally disturbing scenario, the old vampire hunter now tries to save those she was once hired to kill. Being in a strange type of situation all she cares for most of the time is a hunger that usually takes over her mind. Luckily she still has ample control over herself that she is not laying waste of the human world.

She is not eating up the innocent humans but her primary concern is the protection of the vampire master that has taken her in his control.  Sooner or later she got to make a decision between right and wrong or between her world and the world of her two lovers. Guilty Pleasures and Narcissus in Chains were full of fights this one is worse the poor soul is fighting with herself.

Laurell K. Hamilton is intentionally making the themes and the love relations complicated for Anita. Sacrifice is required at this stage by her and till this part, she is not ready for it. Physical pleasures are slowly taking over, if a listener is a fan of old classics this is dream come true for him. Also, Cynthia Holloway’s voice puts an extra topping on everything including the tragedies that occur in the tales. A huge change is expected in the next chapters and if this does not happen than the series will start losing its charm.

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