Infernal Devices

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Infernal Devices is the 3rd chapter of the Mortal Engines novel series. It did quite well for younger audience including preteens as well. The fictional novel is written by Philip Reeve who was spectacular in each and every chapter of the series with some mind-blowing writing. A good reflection of his writing skills and abilities can be seen in Mortal Engines and A Darkling Plain.

The audiobook version of Infernal Devices was well received by the audience. It was filled with the outstanding performance of Barnaby Edwards. The narrator has also given his voice in the first two chapters and was well aware with the theme and nature of the novel. This all experience he accumulated once again to give another fascinating performance for the audience with splendid expression and tone.

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The story starts with the description of the enormous engines of Anchorage. They by now have been completely rusted and are dead for several years. The derelict city of late doesn’t roam the Ice Wastes. However, they went on to settle in a place, which was once known as America. Tom Natsworthy is quite happy along with Hester Shaw in the safety of a stagnant defrayal. Wren, their daughter however is found to be desperate for some real adventure. She didn’t thought any second time about leaving her parents and home behind when a risky submarine pirate presented her a chance to escape. On the other end, the pirate with that opportunity definitely wanted something significant in return.

Wren is entrusted a task to steal the highly enigmatic Tin Book. This had the potential to ignite a massive new conflict, which could tear the entire world apart.

The story can be a little complex, but still very interesting enough to keep you connected with the plot.



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