Infinity Chronicles, Book 2

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Laura was confused all her life i.e from the start of her childhood because her mother was always acting strangely. Her mother tried to keep her away from the human world as she was not allowed to mix with her school friends. Boys were considered demons by her mother that’s why Laura never went close to them. Romance, friendship, and even the company of other fellow beings in school were not allowed to her at all. Then the constant shifting of houses just made her feel bizarre. But all of this was limited to Infinity Chronicles, Book 1 now she knows the reason for her mother’s strange behavior.

She is connected to the infinity gang and is trying to know what the word means. There are secrets that she has to unlock for which she has to dig down in her mind and also has to investigate hard. Also, she experiences a feeling of romance that her mother never allowed her when she was present with her. Problem is that she has four boys to deal with and she does not know whom she likes the most. With each day new revelations are made and none of them are relaxing rather they are teasing.

Laura just cannot sleep at night because she gets those strange visions about her past and true existence. Albany Walker started knitting simply and here the story weaves into complex patterns. Heather Costa’s narration is just matchless on the romantic tones and in horrifying scenes as well. If you buy this one then make sure you buy Infinity Chronicles, Book 3 along with it because one just cannot bear temptation for the next part for a very long time. The series makes the listener craving for more and more without feeling of tiredness.

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