Infinity Chronicles, Book 3

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First Laura thought that her mother had a habit of changing places now and then, now as she has started to realize she calculates that it was three months. After every three months, her mother used to change the house, locality, and also her school with a special purpose which was unknown to her previously in the days of innocence. It was Laura’s father who was after them from the beginning and the problem is that he never wanted his family rather he was after the powers that the two females had. First, he wanted to soak all the powers from his wife and when those powers were transferred to the daughter he wanted her to.

Soaking powers mean leaving the other in a dead condition. Laura’s mother was perhaps doing the right thing but now she is gone so the girl is one of her own. Luckily she has the gang with her and her infinity is almost on the verge of completion. Still, the girl fails to decide what she would do when she would confront her father in the deadly battle.

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Albany Walker’s Infinity Chronicles, Book 1, and Infinity Chronicles, Book 2 were just the start and from here on the action pumps on. The girl is ready though she has confusions in her mind they are clearing with her evolution. Soon the day will come when she will take her place in the gang and the rest of the infinity as a leader. If she fails she will face the same fate as her mother has faced before her so it is a matter of doing and die for her. Member Benefit

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