Infinity’s Edge

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More than six decades have passed now since the first concentration of the Athena with the alien race and now they completely know the agenda of the hostile aliens. Fighting was the first option against the invasion with the strongest ship that the human race had but it appears that the option is failing. Every technique in the book is tried with a hopeless result and now Athena too needs repairs for which it must land on the earth but if it does that than it means that the aliens will follow.

But if it does not do that the ship will surely collapse and the aliens will come to earth anyway. The humans living on the earth are also with one option which is to leave all the differences and unite for the safety of the planet that means everything for them. Ken Lozito enhances the impact of the writing more and more with the help of Jeff Hays voice and at this point there is no ray of hope for the humans anymore.

We saw the humans fighting deadly battles in Star Divide and Star Shroud  but now the people of the earth are only defending and it looks like that their defense is weakening day by day and with it their hope too.  Kaylan is with hope and a wild idea too that might work for them before it is too late for the entire galaxy.

Further discoveries are made which suit the human condition but still none is ready to back down without a fight. Enthusiastically written the part appears to be shifting gears and the next phase would be a war on the planet and we will see more human sufferings for sure.

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