Inherit the Bones

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A police detective in a thriller always attracts the attention of the people in a big way. The start of “Detective Gemma Monroe Mystery” series is awesome as we go to the Cedar valley in this first book of a wonderful series that is gripping in all aspects.

The Colorado town is packed with hikers in the summer and during the winter the place is filled with skiers thus the town is never empty. There is a lot for each and everyone that is coming to the town but at the same time it’s a nice busy place to commit a crime and then hide it afterward.

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Detective Gemma Monroe starts investigating the case that is rooted deep into the past and takes us four decades in the past with mysteries that unfolds slowly but with a strong impact.

Monroe is not only presented as a detective only she is six months pregnant which means that she is soon going to be a mother as well. Thus there are two things that she should take care of, one is to keep her baby safe and take care of her own health and second thing is to keep away of the troubling situations as much as she can.

Unluckily she cannot do any of these two things as she is a committed and dedicated officer as well besides being a wife who is soon going to be a mother. It’s wonderfully narrated by Harper Landry and almost forces us to read or listen to Lost Lake and A Season to Lie the other two parts as well.

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