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Inkdeath is the 3rd and final chapter in the Inkheart trilogy. The trilogy went quite well and earned great appreciation for all its content. The series is for children aged 8 and over but after going through any of the novels, you will find that it is for people of all ages. If you want to see the other two chapters in the Inkheart trilogy, then you can check Inkheart and Inkspell.

The performance of this audiobook is given by Allan Corduner. He did quite an exciting job with his powerful voice and the audience just loved every bit of it.

The immortality of the Adderhead bound in the book by the father of Meggie named Mo has now ordered all his henchmen to loot all the villages. The only defense of peasants in this situation is a band of outlaws which is led by the fictitious double of Mo named Bluejay. He has reluctantly adopted his identity. However, the Inkheart book of Immortality is highly unraveling. Moreover, Adderhead once again fears the White Women of Death. To have Bluejay back for repairing the book, the Adderhead abducts all living children in the kingdom.  They were forced into slavery in the silver mines and that will be the case until Mo comes and surrender himself. First, it was Dustfinger and now it is Mo. Is it possible for anyone to do something in saving this cursed story once and for all?

Inkdeath has very powerful content and the author managed to bring this exciting trilogy to a perfect ending. The performance from Allan Corduner was quite superb and the overall experience of the listeners is fantastic.

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