Inside Delta Force

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Delta force surely one of America’s elite forces works on secret missions during which they lay their lives for the country as well but their stories are never told. It is not because no one wants to praise their efforts but because of the fact that their missions are kept secret as an asset of the country. Command Sergeant Major Eric L. Haney uncovers some of the missions of the Delta force to give us the true picture of what the force is really made of.

The team is an expert in all the fields of combat whether it is fighting against the hijackers or eradicating the enemy from the face of the earth. No weakness is ever observed between the coordination of the team and all of them always work like a single unit without any difference of opinion.

Eric was one of the founding members and it was he who saved the whole plane from a hijack and then he and his team saved Americans in Tehran as well. No one still does not know about their identity and nor any media person appreciated them ever because no one has any information about them. They work undercover but are still the pride of the nation. True incidents are revealed but again no names are used and the founding member still keeps the members of his team secret and Delta force a legend.

Robertson Dean the narrator for the book keeps thing simple and the each and every word is uttered in an understandable tone. There is no hue and cry and that was not necessary at all because the stories are real of course and too much exaggeration was never required at all.

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