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Insomnia By Stephen King

Insomnia makes it clear that there is something going on crazy with the suspect due to lack of sleep. And not only has that Stephen King plotted a story that carries the person beyond the misery felt due to the lack of sleep. There are much more troubles one faces when he is not asleep during the night.

Ralph Roberts is the person who is suffering from Insomnia and he can’t sleep during the night. While waking up all the night he starts seeing things that are strange and are not close to the worldly life. He sees strange things coming out of others heads, short people around the area and other such things.

insomnia by stephen king

He thinks if he is hallucinating but soon he realizes certain supernatural powers that are acting around him and having lack of sleep is just a little issue he has as compared to these horrible happening he can see every night.

This problem of having Insomnia took Ralph to another world of horrifying objects and fantasy world. Just like The Stand, It and the Needful things this horror, fantasy novel also ensures you will never be able to resist seeing its end when listening to this well composed and narrated story written by Stephen King and narrated by Eli Wallach.

The story has a clear-cut effect on its baseline from the haunted place Stephen has always in his mind including the haunted Darry Maine where Stephen has plotted the other horror and fantasy-filled stories as well.

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    9 thoughts on “Insomnia Audiobook”

    1. One of my favorite books… (currently half way through)… But OMG that random music is so annoying! At some parts, the music overpowers the narrator.

      • Just started listening to, its actually one of the few SK books I haven’t read, I tried a few years ago but didn’t get far with it. Im going to persevere this time!

        I am finding the random, weird music very distracting though. And like you say, sometimes it overpowers the narrator so I keep missing bits and having to go back to work out what hes saying.

        Why on earth do they add music on so many audiobooks?!

        Regardless – thank you to the owner of this page for uploading so many Stephen King books, I have just enjoyed the entire Dark Tower series, which is one of my favourites! Its been a great find to pass the days while im at work in my half empty office during this pandemic πŸ™‚


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