Interior Chinatown

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Interior Chinatown is a literary fictional novel. It is written by Charles Yu. The author has got few but top quality novels in his archives. How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe is a strong and enjoyable novel written by Charles Yu. Another good book from the author is Sorry Please Thank You: Stories.

Wills Wu never consider himself as a protagonist. He is just a common Asian man. There are at times when he gets to be the Background Oriental making a strange face or sometimes also a disgraced son. But, in any case, he is always downgraded to a prop.

Every day, he is seen leaving his small rom in a SRO of Chinatown. He then goes to the Golden Palace restaurant, where the enormous Black and White cop show is in its long-lasting production. He is bit of a smart player here as well. But, his dream is big of being a Kung Fu guy. This is actually the most respected role, which anyone with his looks would desire to attain.  At least, this is something that he has been told over the years, time and time again. There is one exception here and that is his mother, who always insist him to do more.

It is a playful but a very emotional and a heartfelt novel. The narration of this chapter is done by Joel de la Fuente, who made this a really impressive and enjoyable audiobook. Interior Chinatown is one of the funniest book that you will ever come across. It is an ambitious and a delicious Hollywood satire. This was also marked as the most anticipated novel by Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly etc.

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