Into a Dark Realm

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Second book is reached but the root cause of all destruction i.e Leso Varen is still not caught and in the meanwhile his plans and men bring hell to the land. Kelewan faces destruction, the people of the land are left with no option other than the Conclave but the darkness might be tough for them too this time.

Raymond E. Feist gives more hype to the evil side in the trilogy, since the beginning we can see that the evil is looking more dominating. But in the mid of this book we get a ray of hope in the shape of Pug who joins the Conclave for the adventure. Pug the hero of Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master returns because he knows magic more than any one.

With his superior intellect in magic Pug can help the Conclave in tracing the dark wizard known as Leso Varen. Traces lead them to Black Robes but the city is full of such guys and finding or detecting the right one is tough, if they point toward the wrong guy they could land into trouble. For Pug another issue of worry is his son Magnus who is on the hunt of clues along with his friends and is not aware what is coming toward them.

Magnus and his friends do find the right clues but then they realize that getting back to the homeland with the clues is not easy at all. Thus it is a strong tale narrated by Peter Joyce, though same voice is given to the father and son but it does not look bad because both almost possess the same personality.

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