Into the Fire-Indian Hill

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Tired of the fight and loneliness Mike gets a breather this time in the form of his friends and wife that he has not seen for the last many years. Now he reunites and the exhausting feeling is wiped out from the faces because it is revenge time. The earth and its people have suffered for too long now they want to come out of the shackles that will slowly and steadily drag them into the pit of non existence one day.

Genogerians have left the planet in a pitiful condition and one can tell by the look of it that even if the people of the earth remain successful in defending their planet the thing they would be left with would take a long time to repair.

In Indian Hill and Conquest the earth was not presented in such an alarming state but this scene presents hell on earth. Mark Tufo is taking the story to an ending that is still unpredictable, we cannot tell which side will win and would Mike be able to back up the war that he never started. He has a dream of a quiet corner in life but the corner would be provided to him if the planet earth is taken back from the snatchers.

Energetic and passionate voice of Sean Runnette has been with the series throughout and the listeners would not accept another narrator now because of the relation or association with the voice. The narrator understands the true psyche of the characters and their personality is enhanced by the fluent voice. Still loose ends are there which are gradually mixing up in the main stream but it will take two or three more chapters to conclude the whole mission.

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