Into the Fire-Vatta’s Peace

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Ky landed in the welcome part in the starting part of this new series but it proved to be a setup for her. She thought that she was able to beat down all her enemies but she was actually wrong, she only got rid of the aliens. Enemies still remain on her home planet devising clever plans to get rid of her as quickly as possible. Facing betrayal of extreme sort in Cold Welcome Ky is back on her feet and is aware of the danger around. She is not among her friends yet and is still hiding on an island till the help reaches her.

Attack from the home planet and the so called friends has also helped Ky is a strange way. After the attack she was able to find out the whole conspiracy against her, not only this she has complete knowledge about those who are behind this corruption. Government of her home planet is also against her family business and that’s why it wants to get rid of the entire family.

Elizabeth Moon gave the target of disclosing secretes to Rafe in Command Decision, in the second part of this new installment the role of the boy is same. Rafe also is Ky’s fiancé in this part so he is naturally more emotional about her and wants to save her at any cost. In order to save Ky, Rafe is forced to face assassins on the home planet but he has no regrets. With limited resources and danger approaching from all side Ky still fights with an optimistic and rational mind. Brittany Pressley narrates Ky’s character as a composed girl who has ability to improvise in any situation.




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