Into the Woods

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Into the Woods is a book written by Kim Harrison, who is known for her paranormal science fiction fantasies. This specific book is a collection of some short stories and anthologies. The fans of The Hollows novel series would definitely have another great audiobook experience. This became even more special in the voice of Marguerite Gavin, who just made this audiobook sound so lively and pleasing to the ears.

Kim Harrison had proved her worth as a writer time and again. In order to back this claim, you must go through her The Good, the Bad and the Undead and American Demon novels. You will definitely have a great time going through these paranormal science fiction fantasies.

All the short stories included here in this collection also have the original The Hollows novella by the name of Million-Dollar Baby. It is about the secret elven quest of Trent Kalamack quest somewhere in the Pale Demon. This probably is the highlight of this collection and audience finds it a lot more than just a bonus story among a few others as well.

Entering the woods is a dare.

The woods for centuries have been an integral part of the danger and wonder of the fairy tales. Once you enter there, then anything could happen. Elves, fairies and druids who all knows that what you could find once you dare to step somewhere into the forest.

Kim Harrison, the best-selling author of New York Times ventures right into these hidden mysterious lands. This is his first collection of short stories and did quite well for the author and the audience as well.

So, it is time for you to step forward right into the woods and discover some really amazing magic for yourself.

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