Invisible Prey

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Going after criminal and then arresting them before they commit another crime has been Davenport’s job for years now and he gets the job done with in no time.

The man with hundred percent track records never expected that the criminals will want him to chase them. But why they want an ideal sort of an agent on their tails if they want to execute their master plans or attracting Lucas Davenport is a part of their master plan.

Minneapolis has rich people all around and if someone wants to steal some valuable things then the target could be a random one because everyone has one or two valuable items in the house.

The two women who are killed in the initial stages of the story were no doubt rich but apparently now item was stolen from their house after their killing. Later Davenport discovers horrifying truths about the two and the killer appears to have taken the thing that he wanted.

Richard Ferrone’s voice is really engaging by all means and this voice has been supporting the wonderful work of John Sandford for quite a while now. Books like Hidden Prey and Broken Prey are fine example of their combo that has been a success for both of them.

The fans still cannot resist the temptation of these books, there are many who have gone through all the seventeen but still want to entertain themselves with the upcoming new installation.

Characters along with the characterization are just purely amazing and engaging for the young and the old minds alike. The series is never enriched with romantic or comic scenes but their absence is never felt at all and no one has ever demanded it.

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