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The Harbinger Series, Book 3

The world of mysteries, magic and suspense keep on impressing us the more we move deep into the series. There are betrayals as well that add more spice to the advancing parts as the fate of different characters always hang in balance because of their ill doings. The two girls once again come face to face in this chapter in which Sera is in prison and wants to regain power with the help of the town trodden the other girl who was once a part of the downtrodden now inherits the fortune of her family and proves herself useful for the country as well as she is the defense of the country the strongest they have.

Cettie Pratt grows more in the art of magic this time Jeff Wheeler in the voice of Kate Rudd reveals another secret related to the past of these girls that they wanted to remain buried as it could bring catastrophe to their lives. The fate of the whole nation however rests in the hands of these two girls who are strong, determined and stubborn at the same time.

The whole series is fantastic, though the plot turns and twists but it never seem that we are listening to a collection of events, the whole series is like a one single unit strongly knit together. We can read this one along with the other parts like Prism Cloud and Mirror Gate through these parts we would be able to know about the past of these two girls and the powers that they possess. Each has a different approach toward life and a different status in society still it is their fate that they should learn to co-exist.




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