It Ends with Us

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It Ends with Us By: Colleen Hoover

Love and relationships comes with a unique shade in the bestseller by Colleen Hoover, the author possesses the tendency to add something new in love relations. It is true that if you desire a lot from life it will hurt you the most.

Same is the case with people; the more there is chemistry and love between two the more they become dangerous for one another. Expecting more than one deserves is always a personal fault and nothing else. Lily is one of those characters who wants more from life and although she has find it tough to achieve but she has never left trying.

She shifts from a small town starts her business and none of it was ever easy. Then she finds love rather easily as compared to the other woman of the town and finally considers herself lucky. Ryle was the ideal sort, a neurosurgeon with elegant looks could easily be anyone’s crush, thus whether he is arrogant it does not matter for Lily.

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Lily totally wants to have that man and he too shows a little sensitive behavior approach towards the lady. Then comes the shocker, Ryle does not date at all and Lily wants to know why, this could give her a chance to get close. Just when she thought that she had things in hands, her ex-boyfriend joins in and she starts losing the grip. Ugly Love and Regretting You can be enjoyed with this one but if someone is trying to detect similarities than it is a waste of time.

Olivia song depicts the character of the depressed and confused Lilly fantastically; the character needed a voice like that of Olivia.

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