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It IS About Islam is a book by Glenn Beck. He is the bestselling author of many nonfiction books where he has tried to inspire the new American generation to work purposely for a better future. If you want to have a look at his best works then try out his Dreamers and Deceivers book. Being George Washington‘s memoir from the author will also make a great read and an informative experience.

The audio narration of the book is done by Jeremy Lowell while the introduction part was done by Glenn Beck himself. It was all very well done and the narration will further make you interested in this book.

The conflict that the West has with Islamic territories wouldn’t end until everyone understands the truth behind the ones who discover their justification and inspiration within the religion. The author touched base with some of the facts and did a detailed analysis of their thinking and the possible motive behind their jihad.

He even tried to use some quotes from Koran and Hadith to prove his point. He also quoted a few of the Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders and as well as the many from the Muslim Brotherhood. He tried to share facts about extremism in the religion and the theological motivations behind causing havoc. His idea here was to understand every perspective and to literate, the west and how they misunderstand the point of view of Muslims.

The author did a great job in describing the background of Islamic jihad and made it a very easy-to-understand experience for the listeners. It is a real eye-opening book on the subject matter and must not be missed.

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