Jimmy and the Crawler

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James was after the Crawlers the last time we heard about them in Krondor: The Assassins they were killing people like evil demons to be precise. It was not aimless killing rather it was the extermination of an entire race that they planned. Raymond E. Feist again comes to these creatures and this is what the author does, he keeps the series colorful with a lot of creatures and characters. Mockers again the target of a rival gang and there are again signs that the gang is being aided by the crawlers.

Prince Arutha appoints two of his best men on the job i.e James and the old veteran Jimmy the hand. Both are expert and experienced in the job, here they are ordered to look for the problem by remaining undercover. They go to Kesh in a different appearance and the rest of the team has magicians like the son of the great one i.e Pug. Main focus of the mission is to unveil the enemy without getting into the spotlight.

If the team gets into the spotlight an open war can be started and it will also provide the real enemy a chance to run away from the scene without any trace. Big change is the voice of the new narrator as the previous one started struggling a bit in the dark characters.

Matt Bates an expert known all over the world in the art of narrating fiction gets the chance here. Forget Krondor: Tear of the Gods this novel will take you on a ride that will never end the joy, even in the dreams the listener will keep on feeling the scintillating sensation for weeks.

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