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Joseph Anton is a biography/ memoir written by Salman Rushdie. The author is mainly known for writing historical fiction and this time a biography as well. If you want to check more books from Salman Rushdie then you can try Haroun and the Sea of Stories and Midnight’s Children novels.

The narration of this chapter is led by Sam. Salman Rushdie also played a small part. The result overall was quite fantastic and the audience liked it.

It was Valentine’s Day of 1989 when Salman Rushdie received a phone call from a BBC journalist. The information shared on the phone was that he is sentenced to death. This sentence was given by Ayatollah Khomeini. He heard the word fatwa for the first time and that was for his controversial book called The Satanic Verses. He had charges of blasphemy against him.

Then began a journey for Salman that kept him underground for a long time and he was forced to move from house to house. He had constant security in the form of an armed police team. He was also offered to choose an alias for himself that only the police could use. Then, he started thinking about the different writers, the combo of their names, and finally concluded to have Joseph Anton as his alias.

The book shows the struggles of Salman Rushdie for his controversy and how he dealt with it by hiding himself underground and faking his identity while being under police protection.

The book is a memoir of Salman Rushdie for the years he spent in hiding after a fatwa against him. The experience shares dis quite captivating and make a fine read or listen.

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