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Mercedes Lackey’s magical world of books is a world that lets you in quickly and then there is no way out. Though the exit door is always on your back but the thing is that you don’t want to leave because there are so many things in this world of books to explore for the listeners. Mercedes Lackey has portrayed warriors and a war zone before and then there was magic to inspire all, this series has both. It is the best amalgam the author could come up with after her years of maturity in the literature world.

Just a slave in the opening of the novel the young boy dreams big, as big as becoming a jouster of a dragon. A few of the warriors attain such a rank when they are given the honor to fight in the battlefield while riding a dragon.

Many of the elite have tried but failed and being just a slave this young lad knows that he can never have an opportunity of this sort in his life. Thus instead of thinking of becoming a soldier and all that he starts raising a dragon of his own on whose back he could ride without anybody’s permission.

So the story of an unlikely hero starts and the first one that would later lead us to Alta and Sanctuary is the foundation work. Introduction of the hero, the dragon and the opponents is presented in longish and detailed chapters. There are very few authors these days who write novels in such detail because detail sometime make the people lose interest. For capturing interest this book has Ryan Burke’s voice for the narration and after starting it you are going nowhere.

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