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Joyland By Stephen King

Joyland is clearly a story plotted in a playland that revolves around the college Student Jones who came there to spend the summers but got caught in a situation when he finds out about an unsolved murder. It is all about suspense, the thrill and heartbreaking truth about the murder and how the college student along with his friends try to find out how, why and who murdered the women. Polts and subplots are intertwined in a meaningful way and make sure to keep your imagination intact so that you can create an imaginative world for seeing what is happening.

Jones solve the mystery of the murder while getting into a terrible horror when there is a supernatural connection between the murder, Jones and the real story.

Joyland By Stephen King

The whole story is beautifully written by Stephen King’s legendary writing style and is narrated by Michael to let you live in the story. They carry you along in the Joylan and you feel empathy and sympathize with the characters while they reveal what they found there. The plots are so structured and well weaved that you can never leave the story unheard at any point. Similar to this Stephen has written stories like Blaze and Roadwork where you can also see people struggling with the mysteries they need to find out about.

The way story is being built and narrated make sure you will feel compelled to keep listening to it and you may also develop a connection with the characters and may start supporting them morally for better outcome and encouragement as well.


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