Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days Audiobook

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Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days Audiobook

Judy Moody has her own Moods to express but they are surely affected by her classmates as she wants to keep up with her special moods and behave as she wants to, but others have their own which affect her in many ways. In this Book 7 of Judy Moody series, Megan McDonald has made use of different moods Judy has to follow including the Jealous Mood, the Mood of competition, Mood of doing something special and many things like that.

The main emphasis of the story is on the character names as Amy Namey who is just like Judy but has a lot of special things that she thinks makes her superior to other. Judy feels jealous and wants to prove herself better. But soon she realizes she starts to follow Amy in many ways and also start exploring things together. They also complete projects, play and explore together and in this journey, Judy and her friends come closer to Amy. One more thing Judy has to cope with is that when she starts following Amy her friends feel abandoned and left alone which she has to manage as well. She also completes the school project around the world in 80 days along with her friends where she explores Italy and learns a lot while exploring things with Amy.

The whole story depicts a strange yet a very common dilemma that occurs among kids of this age and they often are not able to manage when they confront people having same characteristics. Also, accepting others as superior and trying to match the standards is often a fight that kids have to win so that they could enjoy a happy mood with all accomplishments and social acceptance.

In other stories of this series that includes Judy Moody Declares Independence (Book 6) and Judy Moody Gets Famous (Book 2), the  Author has also described the most diverse range of moods a third grader, 8-year-old could experience at that stage.

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