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Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm Audiobook

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    Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm Audiobook


    Megan McDonald knows the kid’s imaginations and their beliefs which govern the way kids have their moods developed over time. Judy Moody is a person who never fails to express her moods and this time she starts out with a lucky and happy mood that she attributes to the lucky charm her grandmother has given her. It’s a penny that is not worth more than 51 cents that Judy keeps in her pocket to cast the positive ad lucky charm in all her activities and happening around her.

    She gets many things as she thinks it is all the effects of that lucky charm penny, she gets a bumper claw price with three stuffed toys, she gets the diner, gets to manage three bowls in a row at a birthday party,and she also keeps on enjoying the lucky moments that are coming for her one after another.

    But the unlucky things start happening soon as she loses her coin as it goes into the toilet accidentally. Now she starts thinking opposite as all things get upside down soon after she has lost her coin.

    The mood shifts and the way Judy reacts to the happenings are wonderfully written in this story as well and the narrator Barbara Rosenblat has narrated this 11th book of the Judy Moody series in a perfect manner as she did in Judy Moody (Book 1).

    It is a story full of happy mood moments, the feelings of desperation when Judy loses her lucky charm and how the mood drifts from one to another. Reads and listeners could enjoy a vast range of hilarious as well as imaginative events in the story and it is a perfect blend of adventure, thrill and different colors of Judy’s moods.

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