Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park, Book 1

The door to a new world is opened in this novel and the door opens the gateway for the dinosaurs to enter in the human world once again. The question, however, remains that whether the decision is the right one or not.

This sci-fiction takes us to the world of the past instead of the future a world where we can once again see the species that had become extinct years ago. The Jurassic Park has clones of the original dinosaurs created with the help of scientists and researchers they are kept in the park which is a lifelike a jungle and can be visited by human beings in special protective vehicles so that humans and the creatures both remain unharmed during the confrontation.

But everything comes with a price and the creatures that have ruled the earth for so long are not willing to be tamed by human beings unlike other animals in the jungle. A war starts in the Jurassic Park which could be spread in the world if the dinosaurs are let loose even the species cannot coexist with one another as different kinds have different nature, some are herbivores and other are carnivores the kill one another as well resulting in the destruction of the whole race. 

Michael Crichton also portrays a picture with the help of this novel that what would happen if such an experiment ever takes place. Scott Brick is given the job of narration for this wonderful science fiction which was the right thing to do as his voice possess the potential and spark for the fulfillment of such a task.

More stories that can take you to another world are Timeline, Sphere and The Lost World. All of these stories come from the mind of Michael Crichton who surely knows how to capture the imagination.



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