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Since the day when the New Specie was created for the first time, there has been hell on the earth not only for the agencies but for beautiful ladies too. This new breed of men tries to find their perfect match with whom they can start a race of their own. Different efforts were made in Fury and Slade where the male members of the species completely went wild for the ladies. Tale does not go very differently here as well; Justice North is the hot New Specie male this time that attracts Jessie in just a single glance.

Jessie just cannot control her desires whenever she sees the handsome and dashing masculine figure. She is not ignorant of his true identity but she is ready to risk everything for one private moment with the man. As she tries to approach closer, Justice also gets the hint and tries to remain within his limits for a moment or so. Then the passion of love is ignited in the demon that is not ready to back down in a relationship. Laurann Dohner makes the main character forget about the oath even after getting indulged in a relationship.

It’s like the freeing of an animal from the cage the moment the two touch each other for the physical pleasures. Vanessa Chambers has also added some extra animal-like sounds to depict the emotional state of both the male and the female. They embrace each other against the rules of their societies and make themselves ready to face the consequences that are yet to come. No matter what happens Justice and Jessie are not prepared to let go of each other’s hand.

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