Kalona’s Fall

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Last part of the series was fabulous and the ending was just superbly done by the all time greats P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast. Last novella has come in a quick succession, previous three discussed Bryan, Lenobia and the evil Neferet. Fourth novella paints the life of Kalona, an immortal who once served the goddess willingly. Then something changed the winged creature completely, he not only defied the direct orders of the goddess but also deceived her on a grand stage.

Most of old members of the House of Night think that he was corrupted by power and that’s what made him take the wrong path. He wanted to rise in power perhaps and not in honor and dignity, this made him just like Neferet. Thus Kalona after leaving the good side joined hands with Neferet and started serving her in the same way as he used to do for the House of Night.

All of these are just assumptions and none of the members ever asked for the reason directly from Kalona. He appeared in Awakened and Hidden, showing his power and talent but not a happy face. He does not want revenge from the human or vampire world like Neferet nor does he have some hidden grudge.

His surviving and loyalty to Neferet is unquestionable but it looks that he is not happy from all of this; his appearance is like that of a slave. As an immortal and with wings he is not as free as he looks from a distance. A dull tone is kept by Caitlin Davies for Kalona to show the real personality of the immortal.




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