Keep Her Safe

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Going through K.A. Tucker’s The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart the fans would not expect a story such as this one from the author. The current story is not like those two novels where the story was about family reunion and love in a strange land. This novel is hardcore i.e full of corruption in the highest of the police ranks and treacheries for the sake of money.

Opening is simple where we witness Noah Marshall spending a luxurious life because of his mother. Noah’s mother has provided him everything that the boy has ever wished for and it is hard to believe that how a police officer can afford such luxuries but that question is a waste of time. The boy was all happy with his life when his mother breaks a big secret; tried of keeping the guilt in her for such a long time she finally tells her son that how she got rich in the first place.

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It was because of her a family was ruined and her life and career was preserved. Gracie Richards is the member of the doomed family as her father was found dead with the drugs after which the society never accepted the family. Now the family lives in the slums, trying to survive each day of their life.

Noah shows up on their door one day and he thinks that he needs Gracie’s help to uncover the lies that are hidden in the police department. A tough journey starts in a big way and the two know exactly what they are actually dealing with. Another good thing about the novel apart from the story is the longish list of narrators including Robin Eller, Wendy Tremont King, Will Damron and Roger Casey. There is a lot of talk going on in the novel which needed different voices so that the characters remain easily distinguishable. Member Benefit

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    Wild at Heart

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