Keep Showing Up

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A well discussed social problem and that too in a funny way is a good effort by Karen Ehman. The writer tells us about the problems of a domestic life that become boring as we start moving further, this is not because of the reason that we start to dislike those we once love but the main thing is the likes and dislikes that always are in front of us trying to make a mess of our lives.

The male and female are not two opposite things in terms of sex only but they also have different habits and the ways they spend their lives. Before marriage the couples usually fantasize the character of the opposite gender and are ready to experiment with life by joining with the person with opposite nature but as the life moves on, we almost all of us start to dislike those habits and fail to co-exist because of these habits and the results are divorces.

Karen Ehman however tells us how to digest those anger pangs so that not only we would be able to save our marriages or relations but also we would be able to live our life in a peaceful and a less drastic way. The writer is of the view that trying to co-operate with a fellow being is a spiritual thing it takes us closer to God even as we are trying to adjust ourselves according to our dislikes instead of our likes and showing patience and tolerance all the time. The whole thing is well written and the language is simple and understandable but with deep message and meaning altogether.

The narration is done by Julie Lyles Carr and is done to perfection. The tone is simple and understandable as not much rise and fall in the voice is there it is all quite neatly and simply done. There are two other books Keep It Shut and Let. It. Go. By the same author which follow the same pattern though the topics under discussion are different but the style of writing and the language used is almost the same.





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