Kidnapped by a Rogue

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Margaret Mallory has remained successful in all the parts in presenting a special kind of feelings between the two lovers. The series started with Captured by a Laird and then the second part Claimed by a Highlander showed the love of a highlander for his wife. The second part described a sense of honour in the mind of the highlander for his wife and then the honour changed into love. Till this third part, every story has been fully charged with love at the climax and this one harps on the same tone in the voice of Derek Perkins.

Lady Margaret was married to a high profiled person by her brother and when her brother was thrown out of the kingdom for treason, she too was thrown out of the house by her husband. Now her brother has established his royal connections once again and he wants to get her married for political cause once again. Margaret is not ready for a sacrifice on this occasion and when Finn comes to abduct her, he gets surprised because she already wanted an escape.

Finn wanted to make this young woman hostage for ransom but his heart starts attracting towards her. Though Finn had relations with woman before but none of those relations were of the serious type at all. He used to consider women as something for playing purpose only.

Margaret was the sort he wasn’t able to resist because she had a loving heart and then she saves his life as well. Margaret too gets mesmerized by this strange highlander who takes her in the arms and flies her away from all the troubles.

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