Kill for You

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“Kill For You” centers around Kassidy an FBI agent who is vested with the responsibility of tracking down a smart and sadistic murderer. He has committed series of homicides with a typical message left behind the crime scene – “For You”.

It turns out that to unravel the mask behind these murders, she has to dig deep into her past. But Kassidy has her own challenges to deal with. She has not really been accepted by most of her colleagues as a deserving FBI agent.

The homicides are both savage and calculated, taking place in different states. The case leads Kassidy back to some memories she had forgotten – an encounter she had with a serial rapist 5 years back.

Renowned Agent Talia understands that Kassidy only has a chance to show her colleagues that her appointment was not a fluke. She needs to prove, with this case, that she belongs in the Behavior Analysis Unit.

Many of them feel her exalted position was a compensation for her near death experience with the serial rapist 5 years ago. Kassidy has to pull all the situations around her life while trying to bring down a serial killer who has been on the loose. 

But stakes became even higher when the force realized that the Killer’s “For You” signature is unmistakably linked to Kassidy. As the killer drops more notes and more bodies are uncovered, Kassidy has to go dig deeper into her past and the strange death of her twin sister.

The story is a fascinating and complex one with a fast paced writing, just like Vanishing Girls (from the same author). Everything happens too fast in this novel that the reader may not know what is happening in the next few minutes.

There are several twists and turns and unexpected moments in the book. The fascinating thing is that you may correctly guess who the serial killer (UNSUB) is, but other events are so unpredictable. This makes it quite engaging from the beginning till the end.



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