Killers of the Dawn

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Hunters thought that they were untouchable but it was a wrong perception on their side, evil that awaits them this time arrests them completely. All the enemies that they had fought in the past reunite to eradicate them from the face of the universe. Chiefly the vampaneze wants revenge as Darren killed their lord in Hunters of the Dusk. A new kind of police is also on the chase of these hunters because they think that Darren and his team have been involved in many sorts of illegal stuff.

With enemies forging on all sides Darren and his team of vampires find themselves in a fix. No force on earth can fight this much number of enemies single-handedly but allies are usually hard to come by in such circumstances when your enemies are increasing. Author Darren Shan tests the real limits of his characters as they battle their way out of this one last mess. It could probably be the last time the band is together as chances of survival look grim. The last part of this trilogy has everything in it that the fans loved in the series including the narrator Ralph Lister. The author has tried to give the fans things that they desired and surely the book is an awesome success in all regards.

This book can steal the show in any competition and the good news for the fans is that this trilogy was not the last one in Darren Shan’s adventures. Adventures such as The Lake of Souls are yet to come on the scene to portray the world of vampires in more detail. The entire series has portrayed vampires as decent creatures, they are not the blood-sucking maniacs rather they are fighting a battle for their survival.

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    The Lake of Souls


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