Killing Yourself to Live

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Killed Yourself to Live is meant to be 85% of a true story. It is authored by Chuck Klosterman. He is a highly proficient essayist and author from the USA. He is a great critic of pop culture and has discussed the same in different books that he has written. You can find some good glimpses of his grip on pop culture along with other related stuff in The Nineties. Moreover, I Wear the Black Hat is another book by the author that did well for himself and his listeners.

The audio narration of Killing Yourself to Live is done by Patrick Lawlor. The narration was below average and it didn’t help in making the content stronger or enjoyable to the listeners.

For as long as 6,557 miles, Chuck just thought about dying. He took a rental car to Rhode Island from New York and then to Georgia to Mississippi… and finally to Seattle. He also had rock & roll and chased death all the way.

Within 21 days, Chuck was one with three relationships. One of them ended by his choice, one just by chance, and the third one by exhaustion. He was also into snorting cocaine and that too in a graveyard. He walked for half a mile through a bean field. He was explained by a man in North Dakota why we now have a lot lesser windmills than what used to be here earlier. He also enjoyed the KISS solo albums and as well as the box set of Rod Stewart.

As far as the content of this book is concerned, it was pretty good. But, the narration didn’t go well as Patrick used a very casual and flat voice for narration.

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