King of Scars

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The Nikolai Lantsov Duology, Book 1

As a bestselling author, Leigh Bardugo used several memorable characters to give more light to this heart-stopping adventure. It’s certainly a great read for those who loved fast-paced adventure will lots of suspense.

Leigh Bardugo is a great writer who has passion for awe-inspiring stories. His Six of Crows has similar plot and character features like this King of Scars. If you’ve not read Six of Crows, it will be great to go through that book as well. You will enjoy every bit of it because the entire character casts and plot settings are just on point like this one. The narrator Lauren Fortgang is also spot on with diction and emotion for each character.

King of Scars is scary, amazing, and exciting at the same time. It has everything – secrets, discoveries, ancient magic, danger, emotion, adventure, as well as suspense.  The book talked about everything Nikolai had to fight and all his insecurities. Lauren Fortgang used his unique storytelling ability to ex-ray Nikolai’s childhood, including about his older brother and his relationship with Dominik.

Nikolai Lantsov always knows how to wriggle his way out of impossible situations. He’s the only one that knows what he passed through in his country’s civil war. And he’s not willing to share those past horrible experiences with anyone – at least not yet.

When he sees that his enemies are fast closing in on his country’s borders, he has to look for new alliances that will help him protect his once great Grisha Army. With the help of the legendary Grisha Qualler, the young monk, Nikolai is able to travel to Ravka to gain enough power to survive the looming war that is threatening to destroy him and his country.

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