Kingdom of Ash

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The one of a kind series finally ends with a bang as Sarah J. Maas gives all her energy to portray the epic battle that has been one of the most awaited one for the last couple of years. The assassin Aelin changes her fortune and reaches to the seat of the queen in Queen of Shadows but troubles are never over for the poor soul. She engages herself in the affairs of the state and the worries of the masses eat up her personal life and she becomes a robotic lady with no personal emotions at all.

Now she ends up in a coffin with no hopes of freedom at all and she has done all that just for the sake of her people. The queen of Fae enjoys torturing her and she though possesses the ability to resist cannot do anything as the consequences would be quite terrible for her people to bear.

Chaol and Manon still act as the last hope for the whole land as they try to defend their land by forming an alliance with the neighbors that they helped in the time of need. However as the enemy rise in power the combine efforts of the armies might not be enough against the wrath of a powerful army.

Rowan is still looking for the queen as he is of the view that his lovely wife and the true queen of the land might hold the key to all this madness of war. It is a race against time for everyone as they reach to a do or die situation. Elizabeth Evans ends the series in high note and no doubt the narration has been one of the key elements all the way till the end.


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