Kingdom of The Blind

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Need to find the perfect unabridged story that will blow your mind? This one is a no unabridged novel written by the famous author Louise Penny and is expression fully read by the narrator Robert Bathurst.

The story shows great depth in the characters and the events that happen one by one and affect the life of the characters in a way that would be changed forever. In addition to the strong storyplot, the voice of the narrator has pulled out magnificent expression so that the listener of the story may never be able to resist listening to the story till its end.

You will surely feel indulged into it and may feel like you are among the characters who are in the particular scenario that you actually are listening to.

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This is actually the book 14 in the Chief Inspector Gamache series and definitely includes the most thrilling events people would enjoy while listening to it.

In this book, you will find all about Armand when they get the letter for an invitation to a farmhouse that has been abandoned so far and is located in the Three pines outer area. Here they will find extreme happenings and all the thrilling moments that will surely blow your mind.

The stranger who is an elderly woman in this story is not familiar and the Inspector will understand her mental conditions as delusional. After the discovery of a dead body, the scenarios become a bit different and the inspector will be investigating the area in a new way.

Facing the mystery, the menace and the events that are not so clear to understand about would be bringing a lot of dilemmas that cannot be ignored at all.In this story inspector, Armand will start seeing what he never saw from the point of view he never knew.



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