King’s Cage

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Maven the new king was after Mare in the first and second parts, the purpose remains unknown for most of the part but one thing is clear the king thinks of Mare as a threat. The beginning of this part gives us the sad news of Mare’s arrest by the cunning foe i.e Maven. Mare finds herself in a terrible situation; she is brought down to her knees by the boy she used to love long ago. That love does not exist in his eyes anymore and by the looks of it there was never love in his eyes, it was just deception that Mare failed to comprehend.

He wanted to tame Mare to keep things in his hands as a king. Now as Mare is behind bars, the king has no threat from the outside world of mere red blood. But this is what he thinks, the real battle that author Victoria Aveyeard talked about in Glass Sword starts here. More and more Reds now join the troops that were once led by Mare.

Though she is locked inside the cage her mission is continuing and there is one in that army who wants her back at any cost i.e Cal. Cal was overthrown by his brother and the prince not only wants the throne but he also wants Mare back. He has been in love with her the day he first saw her in the palace.

Amanda Dolan along with Erin Spencer gives quite a charming voice to Cal whenever he talks about the lady of his dreams i.e Mare. War Storm will now decide the fate of both worlds forever. The last part surely would depict the picture of the battlefield but till now the author gives no proper clue as to how the war will conclude in the end.


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    Glass Sword

    War Storm


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