Kings of Clonmel

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Master and apprentice are back for an adventure once again, Will has learned to survive on his own and this time Halt needs some assistance. Mankind faces an evil that it never even imagined and now the previous resources that it used to depend on in the past has failed. No king or the gods that the human world used to worship or obey can save it from the upcoming destruction.

Marauders show no mercy to wherever they go and their mission is not to take over the land rather they want to destroy everything that exists on the land. Will and Horace the old veterans from The Sorcerer of the North and The Siege of Macindaw come to aid Halt because the situation is tough for one hero to handle. Halt’s plan is deadly but it does not mean that it is something unachievable the only problem is that even if they succeed they might not get out alive after this.

Suicidal mission puts the band together and the book has more than one mysteries attached to it, one can say that there is a secret buried at each step of this enthusiastic eighth part by John Flanagan. As far as the narration is concerned John Keating is going nowhere and the narrator has stood rock solid in his performance in all the parts that he has dealt with.

From this book onward the author has given a different direction to the series and everyone now hopes that the band performs more of such extraordinary jobs in the future. Action still remains in plenty and now the stories have more depth which makes the series appealing for the mature audience too.






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