Kings of Lockdown

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Threats from the outside and dangers present inside have made the life of the main character like hell however, at this point she has started to enjoy. Slowly she has been able to get hold of her powers and she has realized that escaping the thing is not possible so she should stay and face the music. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti have made Tatum look stronger from the first part of the series as she is not the kind of girl who will bow down in front of someone.

She also provides herself some sensation and feeling of love through different love relationships which she establishes every now and then. Thus she has a care free nature too as she is not looking for true love rather she is planning to dominate.

Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux i.e the two narrators of the series didn’t try to give her the voice of a dictator in the first part but here she is in a mood to dictate. Though she touched a relic which bound her with the brutal boys but she is ready to make them pay for the crimes that they have committed in the past.

Slowly she goes deep in the gang and like a perfect agent she explores the weaknesses that they have. Now with all the knowledge she is all geared up to destroy those boys permanently and start a rule of her own. Broken Fae and Shadow Princess had the stories of struggling characters who survived and thrived in the end. This character is different in the sense that she is creating her own destiny and is bound to make the enemies suffer at all cost. The goal is to torture the enemies first and saving the world comes later.

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