Kings of Quarantine

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The girl gets trapped in a boarding school in which she is threatened by many things and with virus out there in the open she cannot escape. The virus is just eating people up so because of the lockdown, everyone has decided to keep themselves save by remaining in the four walls of the school. For Tatum it is the same whether she is outside or inside because in the school there are the Night Keepers who want to make her pay for the sins which her father committed in the past.

The Keepers want to kill the girl at all cost and the six feet distance is keeping her alive because the threat of the virus is lurking on their heads. One thing which the Keepers are not aware of, is the potential of the girl that she has kept hidden from all of them. Her father has hidden some special secrets in her and if she becomes successful in taming her powers then she might be able to turn the tables.

The end of days seem to be coming for mankind and Tatum can make it right by getting rid of the Night Keepers first. Also the P.E teacher has started to attract her attention and she thinks, living in the boarding school might not be that much boring after all.

Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti the co-creators of The Reckoning and Shadow Princess, have added the latest situation in their novel at this stage. The series would be like a joy ride throughout especially when it is narrated by Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux in their engaging style.

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    Shadow Princess

    Kings of Lockdown


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