Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Lucy Kincaid series takes a new shape in this second book of the series by Allison Brennan. The story moves on two lines in the start when Lucy is in search of a girl who has gone missing and Suzanne Madeaux an agent from FBI is on a hunt of a serial killer. Both the women are desperate to find their targets as both are skilled for the job the story becomes more interesting when they come to find that the answer to both of their cases is the same.

The serial killer is not just a killer; he is a psychopath who searches for women who are drugged in parties as they prove to be easy pickings for him. He enjoys sex and then kills them with pleasure.

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For Suzanne it’s just another case that she wants to solve to get the higher rank in the department but Lucy is somehow emotionally attached to the whole thing as she too once saved herself quite narrowly from such an outcome and she does not want any girl to face that sort of fate as long as she is alive and though she knows that it would risk everything that she can now have including Sean of course she is still not ready to back down from the case even when she is told by the FBI not to interfere in the investigation anymore.

The story reminds us other books like Nothing to Hide and Love Me to Death by the same author that possess almost similar characters like the present one. The narration by Ann Marie Lee also helps us in understanding Lucy’s character that is so much haunted by her past psychologically that she wants to save all other girls from such a horrifying life.


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