Kiss of Midnight

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Seducing like the previous part, this story goes on to the darker realities where lust is just the beginning of the relationship. Lara Adrian is one of the most skilled authors when it comes to writing vampire stories. There is no one better than Adrian and this series proves it for sure in front of a large audience. The dripping of blood from the fangs of a vampire can be actually felt because of the depiction of the scenes in detail.

Hillary Huber’s narration should be praised at this stage along with the storyline because the narrator has put in a lot of effort here. It is Gabrielle this time who is different from the girl in A Touch of Midnight because she does not possess any superpowers. The only thing which Gabrielle possesses is her beauty charm and that proves to be ample to put her in trouble.

Lucan is a strange and appealing young lad who lives across the street and he keeps an eye on this beautiful girl all the time. She thinks that Lucan likes her but he has never tried to talk to her which seems to be strange. Then one day the girl confronts something quite strange. She witnesses vampires killing humans in front of her eyes.

They wanted to eat her too but she is saved by Lucan who is also a vampire but he is different from the rest. Lucan is a Breed warrior who keeps a check on unlawful activities of his kind. It is his duty to protect the humans too so he thinks that he has to keep Gabrielle safe at all costs.

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    A Touch of Midnight

    Kiss of Crimson


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