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Talking about Book 12 in the Harry Hole Series we can see that the author has given the best efforts to create a world that actually engulfs the imagination of the readers and listeners. . You will be feeling pulled into the story feeling like you are part of it indeed.

The author Jo Nesbo has created a massive impact through the mystery, emotion, thrill, and drama. All this, is added in this story and has given a perfectly strong background for developing a story that never fades from anyone’s mind ever.

The story is surely around our favorite character who is a Police officer named Harry Hole. He has lots of tasks for catching up murderers in rageful scenarios. But as a police officer with lost of talent and skills, there is always a success line for sure.

The dilemma and all the confusion in this story, will lead you to scratch your head just like the author has given the best shot in his books The Bat and The Thirst.

Now, the fight and hunt are plotted around the murderer who has always troubled the Police and will not be hunted Down by Harry.

Due to that murderer, who has caused misery for Harry so far, Harry will be given a chance to prove himself. He will prove himself as an able officer as his whole career is at the risk. Due to the one, he has never been able to catch. Harry loses Rakel, who is the love of his life due to all the ongoing rage against him.

Savien Finne who is a serial rapist and murderer gets out of the prison after  10 years. And now Harry will be facing the worst nightmare of his life. When he will wake up with blood on his hand like if he has killed someone.  But he doesn’t understand how it happened as he remembers nothing.

How will he get out of these unknown happenings? How will he fight for his honor to prove what is actually the truth? You will surely enjoy this story in the voice of the narrator, John Lee.

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