Knights Magi

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Knights Magi is book 4 of the Spellmonger Series. This is a beautiful piece of literary art by the renowned author Terry Mancour. Your will be spell bound with the amazing story and how different characters makes some scenes so strong and exciting for the audience. The narration of this book is done by John Lee and according to the critics and the fans of this book, he has done his job brilliantly.

The two apprentices, Rondal and Tyndal of the Spellmonger, Minalan got knighted right after the ending of Timberwatch battle.

The Master Minalan decide to get rid of ignorance that was prevailing in the vicinity for quite some time. He arranged Rondal and Tyndal to be trained and tutored together all in their new vocation. Their new task was to learn all the arts of magic, the skills of warfare and then finally the subtleties of chivalry from the most renowned masters in the Kingdom.

This was all going to happen if both of them doesn’t look to kill each other for a number of reasons that stood between them. Both the apprentices of the Spellmonger had a lot in common. They both had their homes destroyed earlier and both were sent by the global invasion into exile. Moreover, the both were serving a common master.

The fans of Terry Mancour must also check his other books in order to know about the magic of the author that he creates with his characters and the scenes. His most notable books include the likes of Shadowmage and Hawkmaiden, which are worth listening to.

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