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Chanel Miller is an extraordinary writer with an extraordinary topic this time, written in a way that none other could have done in the present era. The topic is bold, garnished with details that most would have altered but Chanel talks straight and to the point in her book. Because of the topic and the intensity she has narrated it herself because any other narrator would not have given such energy to it.

Emily Doe the girl in a grieved situation starts telling us about Brock Turner who used to sexually exploit her during her stay at the campus. The shared news becomes so viral that it got eleven millions views within no time and everyone wanted to know what really happened to her and the law enforcing agencies also started their work.

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Still it was never easy for the girl to tell about the cruelty and the harsh behavior of the man that she witnessed. Turner is arrested and new laws are made against the crime but the question still remains that would Emily’s life be the same after the criminal is punished.

Would the society that talks about her so much would one day accept her and the beautiful life that she once had would be restored or not. The novel stands tall among other such novels on the same topic as it has the details and the mental trauma can be visualized in the mind once you hear the narration in the gloomy voice. Not all of the portions of the novel are in that voice but Chanel starts this tone when she comes to Emily Doe’s tragic situation. Member Benefit

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