Kraken Rising

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Arcadian returns to the land for another fight and this time the mission is a duel between the two superpowers i.e America and China. The story begins with the reference in the past. When US submarine was lost somewhere in Antarctica and no trace was ever found by anyone. Now after years of sleep the submarine starts giving the signals of its presence.

But not from the sea or beneath an ocean, the signals appear to be coming from beneath the frozen continent.

Unluckily the US is not the only one who received the signals, the Chinese forces also receive the signals at the same time. And it’s a race against time for both of them as Alex Hunter and his crew look to secure the American technology from the rest of the world. Along with the secrets it contains and the hidden agenda of the US of course it all goes on.

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The story once again takes the troop back to the place where they started their mission for the first time along with the petro-biologist. This time the mission is far deadlier than their first mission. Not all the members are told about the horror that they are going to face that lies beneath the surface of the ice.

The story also has some tags of Beneath the Dark Ice as the place of action is the same. Sean Mangan has given extra energy in narrating this part. And no doubt the narrator has been playing a special role in this whole series since the publishing of the first volume.

Most of the listeners have now become a huge fan of the narration. No doubt Sean narrates everything in a clear tone which is understandable. Also the narrator uses a separate pitch for different characters so that they become easily recognizable in the story. Member Benefit

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