Krondor: Tear of the Gods

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A holy thing such as the Tears of God should never be lost because it is surely a bad sign for the one who has lost it. Pirates of the Bitter Sea wanted to get hold of the tears but their plan was not successful and it resulted in the loss of the tears. The tears sank in the sea and thus finding it became impossible for all the forces on the earth and in the sea.

Loss fell heavy on the temples of Midkemia because without those sacred tears the temples became useless. The power to talk to the gods was gone forever, now the gods cannot lead the people of the empire in their affairs and in wars. After a decade of search another gem is detected far away in the mountains and it must be grabbed at once before it gets into the enemy’s hands.

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It is the work assigned to the magicians and priests because warriors cannot detect such things. Priest of Ishap is luckily a combo of a warrior and a priest and thus a person perfect for the job, Jazhara the magician of the court accompanies him and the two start their mission. Dark god is the other one in search of the tears and he wants them not for prophecies but to end such things forever.

Raymond E. Feist after two episodes Krondor: The Betrayal and Krondor: The Assassins of bloodshed brings magic back to the series. Dark god’s voice needed much working by Peter Joyce but the narrator has not put much attention on the character and dealt with him in an ordinary way. Member Benefit

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