Kushiel’s Chosen

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Kushiel’s Chosen is the 2nd chapter in the Kushiel’s Legacy novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy series with a highly impressive storyline and strong characters developed. The author of this series is Jacqueline Carey. If you want to check some more exciting novels from the author and more so from the same Kushiel’s Legacy saga then Kushiel’s Dart and Kushiel’s Avatar are the ones to look for. You will love them both in their audio version for the strong performances given by the narrator.

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Anne Flosnik after a good performance in the opening chapter is back again with a bang and gave another sensational performance.


The Terre d’Ange land was immensely beautiful. The inhabiting race of the place came from the seed of angels and humans. They all lived with one simple rule of life and that was ‘love as thou wilt.’ Phedro was a young girl and she was sold into servitude at a very young age. A nobleman purchased her bond and he was the first person to recognize that Phedro is the one pierced by Kushiel’s Dart. And, she is the one chosen to experience pleasure and pain as one forever. The nobleman trained Phedro in the courtly arts and she developed some amazing skills apart from just courtesan.

She gave her 100 and even beyond when she found a threatening plot set against her homeland. She survived in her struggle and against many challenges and also to have other people tell her story.

The novel seemingly has got something for almost everyone. It is a fine love story first. Then, it has got high eroticism, intense spirituality, and finally, lots of intrigues, adventure, and swordplay as well.


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    Kushiel’s Dart

    Kushiel’s Avatar


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