Kushiel’s Justice

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Jacqueline Carey is an American writer with a focus primarily on fantasy fiction novels. Some of her best works are from this same Kushiel’s Legacy novel series. Kushiel’s Justice is the 4th chapter of the saga and quite an exciting one with lots of new experiences for the keen followers of this series. The other novels that Jacqueline Carey has written and became popular are Kushiel’s Dart and Kushiel’s Avatar.

Simon Vance has once again given the narration of this chapter and this is the first change of narrator after 3 consecutive successful performances given by Anne Flosnik. Simon was quite good with his controlled voice and ability to maintain the individuality of the characters.

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After spending a year abroad to study for a university program, Imriel makes a return home. He is a lot wiser now. But, still not wise enough. His older spark with Sidonie, his cousin has now converted into a hot blaze. But, from his journey from a commoner to a peer, the entire realm would go on to recoil from having any sort of alliance between Imriel and Sidonie. Imriel now ears the stigma of the betrayals and misdeeds of his mother. Both Imriel and Sidonie embarks on a highly secretive and intense affair.

When it comes to the call of duty, Imriel was all set to honor his role while being a member of the royal family. He honored this by leaving the opportunity to marry the sweet and lovely Alban Princess. It was just his preference of duty over love. This showed his great commitment and devotion to his much important role and he never let anyone down.

Carey is known for her detailed work in writing and this is exactly what that made this novel so good. The author also knows the art of engaging the audience and she kept them guessing throughout this novel.


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